Labor and Employment Webinar Series

Lessons Learned in the the Lifecycle of an Employer

Our 2017 Labor and Employment Webinar Series tracked the challenges that employers face through the highs and lows of the business cycle that can drive and ultimately determine a company’s success. Stages in this cycle can include company formation, growth through new investments or strategic alliances, and workforce restructuring due to changing economic conditions.

At each stage, there are discrete labor and employment issues that must be understood and addressed, which exist alongside complicating factors such as changing technologies, regulatory oversight and best practices for a compliant workforce. Polsinelli’s Labor and Employment attorneys were joined by colleagues from practices across the firm (including Intellectual PropertyGovernment Investigations, and Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation) to provide a comprehensive review of these issues.

This series followed the rise and fall of the innovative but fictional Diamond Datascram Inc. during the four main phases of the business cycle. 


Part One: Diamond Datascram Development

Tech creative genius, Damien Diamond, has perfected an amazing new software solution he calls “Datascram.” Simply upload Datascram into your IT systems and, applying a complex set of algorithms, it identifies and prioritizes data. Datascram presents businesses with an easy to understand summary of outdated or unnecessary data, which then can be easily and permanently deleted.

Key labor and employment topics which will be addressed in the "Development" session include:

  • The HR System: Policies and Forms

  • Protecting Data & IP

  • Employment Agreements and Restrictive Covenant Drafting

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Part Two: Diamond Datascram Dominance

Datascram has caught on like fire!! Diamond Datascram Inc. is well-funded by private equity and looking to go public and global. Competition for top talent is becoming fierce!  Topics include:

  • HR Considerations in Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Hiring from Competitors

  • Staffing Arrangements

  • Global HR/Legal Issues

  • Public Company Issues

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Part Three: Diamond Datascram Decline

There is a glut of competitive product on the market and sales and the company stock price are down. Damien Diamond has ordered immediate cost cutting.

Topics include:

  • Reductions in Force & Workforce Restructuring Issues

  • Restrictive Covenant Enforcement Issues

  • Retention Agreements

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Part Four: Diamond Datascram Decimated

Datascram is being called a massive "Datascam." Engineers cut corners and, as it turns out, data is not deleted forever. Instead, once deleted, it resides on a Nigerian server where it is sold to the highest bidder.

Topics include:

  • Identifying and Investigating Company-Wide Misconduct

  • Immigration Issues

  • (Final) Wage Payment Obligations & Issues

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