Labor and Employment Webinar Series

The Emerald Series

Our 2018 Labor and Employment Webinar series follow Emily the Employee as she navigates the road to the ideal workplace. Along the way, she spends time working for different employers. The series will be provided in four installments and include vignettes of Emily, Mr. Bland, Mr. Grumbles, Ms. Ner-Vess and Ms. Ideal. Listen in as Emily befriends the subject of a previous webinar series, Ruby Breaker, who provides Emily “guidance” as she finds her way to the Ideal workplace. 

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Segment One: It’s (Not in the Handbook) | March 6, 2018

In the first segment of our series, Emily goes to work for Mr. Bland at his warehouse and distribution center. Mr. Bland’s policies and methods need some improvement, as his business is still utilizing a form Employee Handbook, generic background authorization documents, and generic Employment and Confidentiality Agreements. While Emily works for Mr. Bland, she becomes temporarily disabled by some odd dust in the air, but Mr. Bland declines to provide her time off based upon her lack of eligibility under the FMLA. 

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Segment Two: Get to Work (Off the Clock) and Don’t Compete! | May 8, 2018

In the second segment of our series, Emily is hired by Mr. Grumbles, an employer who operates a manufacturing company. Mr. Grumbles insists that Emily and her co-workers spend time engaged in activities off the clock. Emily is also asked to sign a stringent non-compete agreement. Apparently, Mr. Grumbles employs undocumented workers who are not legal citizens, and at lower pay scales than other workers and disregards his company’s Affirmative Action obligations.

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Segment Three: A Moving Target | August 7, 2018

In the third segment of our series, Emily leaves Mr. Grumble’s employment to work for Ms. Ner-Vess at her I.T. consulting firm. Unfortunately, Emily encounters a hostile work environment, but Ms. Ner-Vess is afraid to investigate the complaint, as she is concerned that the alleged harasser may quit and the investigation might disrupt office morale. During this same timeframe, some workers decide to organize a union campaign. Ms. Ner-Vess, fearful of violating the NLRA, does not oppose the workers’ efforts, which leads to the company becoming a union shop. When a group of employees leave, they also take her client list and business strategy for consulting. This time, however, Ms. Ner-Vess finds the courage to enforce the agreements. 

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Segment Four: Just The Right Balance | October 9, 2018

In the final segment of our series, Emily finds work with Ms. Ideal at the City Healthcare Center, a non-profit hospital with a mission to save patients and provide excellent health care to all. At CHC, Emily finally finds the ideal workplace with first rate policies and procedures, excellent benefits, and a diverse and quality workforce.

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