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ICYMI: Listen to Recorded Version of First "Ruby Files" Webinar Now

The first webinar is now available in our year-long analysis of Ruby R. Breaker, a fictitious employee whose workplace behavior is based on real life employment situations.  Listen here.

"Non-Exempt and the DOL Audit? It Really Isn’t a Question" follows Ruby as she applies to work at a hospital, is hired as a Unit Manager, and is classified as an exempt manager. Her job description includes duties such as helping the employees she supervises, but Ruby ends up spending most of her time performing clerical duties. Frustrated, Ruby calls the Department of Labor (“DOL”) to complain about not getting paid over-time, and a subsequent DOL investigation of the hospital ensues. Meanwhile, Ruby requests time off from work during the work day to attend in-vitro fertilization appointments, claiming FMLA and ADA coverage.  Polsinelli’s Labor and Employment and Health Care attorneys dissect interactions between Ruby and her manager, and provide take-aways that can be applied to your business.

More on "The Ruby Files":
Over the course of 2016, we will follow Ruby throughout a period in her career during which she will work for various industries, including health care and technology. Ruby will claim to be misclassified, constructively discharged, and sexually harassed. Ruby will present additional challenges to her employers, raising current issues with which all employers can identify. This will be an advanced series which will delve into real life, complex issues with legal analysis and practical solutions.  Learn more about the series and upcoming dates here.